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Quaerendo Invenietis – You’ll find it if you look for it

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Its true to say that the few evolving souls who know me well, understand the remarkable and paradoxically arduous journey of healing that I have walked during my mortality. For they like those who don’t know me, yet who have read and connected with the core issues that resonate within my healing autobiography Raphael’s Legacy. Understand that the key to success in healing is; Quaerendo Invenietis. For we all carry within our energetic profile a timeless keyring containing keys which seek out their mate which is a locked door. It is that search and that alone which drives each evolving souls; healing journey. A healing journey which takes us far and wide searching out the right door from which to unlock, the partial source of our eternal healing. Indeed a state of healing which shines it’s light upon all things seen and unseen. A healing journey which ends ever so gently, when at last we find ourselves in that place of eternal freedom, where no emotional, spiritual or karmic door or lock ever bars our way again. And that dear reader is true “freedom”, not simply a word or aspiration, but an actual way of being. Amen

Seek and You Shall Find

Freedom is our greatest gift for it is the gift of inner peace and personal growth. All part of that state of being which is simply; unconditional love and nothing more complicated than that. In truth a state of being which requires no homage, simply acceptance that if we want it, the universe is happy to deliver it to us, simply because personal freedom is ours by right. For many of us however we bring with us at the start of each unique mortality, former; bondage, baggage and utter nonsense, the result of far to many incongruent and hence evolutionary fruitless previous incarnations. Self limiting pacts and vows which we’re only to happy to play out life after life, and all because we don’t wish to undertake the arduous journey of release. And yet paradoxically that journey of release is the only evolutionary vehicle open to us as mortals, that can bring about inner peace and hence freedom. For some of us, myself included however, not pursuing the journey towards freedom simply isn’t an option at all. Perhaps that’s why I’ve journey through so many sciences, so many medicines, so many ways of healing and indeed so many ways of being. Who knows? All I know is that mine is a journey where no sub aspect of that journey ever held the answer in totality. Yet in acceptance I understand now that all those very necessary answers were nothing more than; simply part of my overall life journeys sum. Indeed a process of finding the doors for the many karmic keys that I brought with me into this life and actually nothing more complicated than that. Whereupon and once opened, I simply revelled in that which presented, regardless of it’s personal rewards, comfort factor or indeed neither. Therein I make no secret of the fact that in recent times I’ve worked closely on my journey with a shaman by the name of Briony Stott. Who’s based in the Cumberland Market town of Penrith, which nestles on the fringe of the Lake District. Where and throughout that process I’ve discovered that whilst my healing journey has been hard to handle at times and indeed on many levels. It nevertheless has taken my healing journey towards a sense freedom in a manner that I’ve never experienced before. Which is a win win which ever way I look at it and because of that I’m also very excited to see just how; this exponential experiment in self love and the pursuit of freedom actually unfolds in the coming weeks, months and years. In that I’m hopeful that this period in my life turns out be a defining point in my souls energetic evolution and profile, where I’m finally free of unnecessary mortal suffering and pain. Indeed a karmic springboard from which my conscious and unconscious worlds turned upon their axis and for good, such that I can truly be the real me. Instead of playing out the not really me, life after life, because actually; that simply bores me now. In essence creating a sublimely energetic state of being which affords me the opportunity to move into my own power and grace and with considerable ease. Freedom you see; can not be found in any form of past life or current life attachments et al. For freedom is that ultimate place of; release, acceptance and unconditional love. Indeed a state of synergistic universal connection whilst remaining always within a state of sublime detachment. A place where we no longer need to carry around our karmic healing keys or indeed search for answers behind any further mysterious doors. For all doors and all avenues are forever open to us and that place is the place of eternal freedom. Amen

Authors Concluding Notes

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