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When spirit nudges us resistance is futile, for that nudge is the catalyst for greater, yet often chaotic soul expansion at times. Until that is; that soul expansion melting pot of confusions slowly comes off the boil and we begin to see ourselves and all things for what they truly are. A process which begins with a sense of unbridled self exploration, concluding thereafter with the simple closure of a yet another chapter in the long process of ascension. Net result: greater understanding of which one of the seven soul rays we truly are. Indeed a process with the power to change the course of our mortality and forever. A step change thats all in the timing of course and all part of our unique receptivity. A process of change where resistance is futile, read more about living in and moving through ones own winds of change in peace by clicking [ here ]

Exploring The Seven Soul Rays

Just so you know; this article was created simply because a friend enquired recently did I appreciate that I was a Ray One Soul? In my ignorance I wasn’t too well informed in terms of the “seven soul rays” and that lead me into further personal investigation. Having explored the seven rays now in much greater detail I’m inclined to believe that this is knowledge that really needs to be shared. Therein I’ve complied a brief headline below on all the seven rays as a bit of a self exploration appetiser. Therein my hope is that this information empowers those who stumble upon this blog to perhaps conduct further personal research for themselves on this front.

Ray 1 – The Ray of Divine Will and Purpose

The role of the first ray soul is to express the power of divine purpose through loving strength and purity of vision. They are the makers and shakers who challenge and shatter all forms of false ideology and thought forms that claim to be. But do not adequately express the love of god or indeed fairness.

Ray 2 – The Ray of Love and Wisdom

The role of the second ray soul is to reveal and revel in the unity that underpins all aspects of diversity within creation. They are the souls who epitomise inclusivity and are defined by their purity of love and understanding towards all living things seen and unseen

Ray 3 – The Ray of Intelligence and Activity

The role of the third ray soul is the expression of divine intelligence and therein they are the force that animates human thought. Third rays are the ray most associated with karma, for they hold the memory of what was, as well as what is to be. Therein third ray souls are often referred to as the keepers of records.

Ray 4 – The Ray of Harmony Through Conflict

The role of the fourth ray soul is to help generate, create and maintain a sense of equilibrium within the beauty that is creation. Where the forth rays primary focus above all things is to seek to find a balance or a resolution to all of the major conflicting dualities that are ever present within the human experience.

Ray 5 – The Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

The role of the fifth ray soul is the pursuit of correct knowledge, within human consciousness. Fifth rays are particularly adept at examining and discerning truth from fiction and remain focused at all times in distilling with clarity the truth of that which is reported or observed in our world.

Ray 6 – The Ray of Idealism and Devotion

The role of the sixth ray soul is to bring vision and spiritual aspiration to humanity. For sixth rays the path to enlightenment is in letting go of human desire. Given that desire is recognised by them and from an early age as an anchor preventing them and humanity from ascension.

Ray 7 – The Ray of Ceremonial Order and Magic

The role of the seventh ray soul is to bring order out of chaos. Seventh rays souls intuitively understand the magic and power of speech as an instrument. Where they use that well for creating new forms of being, through which divinity can be expressed.

Authors Concluding Notes

As souls down here on planet earth, we all have a role to play, yet no role is of any greater importance than any other. All that’s important is that we accept just who we truly are and above all things simply revel in being the beautiful soul rays that we are, irrespective of whether that’s ray 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Because and for me; mortality shouldn’t really get anymore complicated than that. Amen

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