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When our inner voice speaks, all is seen, all is known and healing through personal growth freely flows, reality, placebo or desire for mystery who knows?

All I know is that Kunzite, Sodalite and Herkimer Diamond inner wisdom healing wraps certainly appear to work very well, albeit my position is based wholly upon my own empirical observations and of course feedback from clients.

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But what are they used for you may ask? Well; Kunzite, Sodalite and Herkimer Diamond inner wisdom wraps and grids aid with; releasing past traumas, generating exceptional self belief and therein communicating truthfully and with great integrity. But here in more detail are just some of their unique properties.

Kunzite, Sodalite and Herkimer Diamond Properties

Kunzite:- is an exceptionally powerful crystal and helps resolve and heal issues and emotional trauma pertaining to ones inner child. Therein kunzite helps release the past, and deep seated problems that may be holding one back and causing conflict between ones conscious and subconscious states. Because of these properties Kunzite is also said to help one to interact better with others and resolve outstanding internal and external conflicts. Kunzite is suggested in many articles to be one of the most powerful crystals that can be used to remove personal blockages and obstacles in relation to ones emotional heart and love life. Well I for one having used Kunzite for that purpose, wouldn’t disagree with that position at all. But please do read my caveat below before using this very powerful crystal in any combination.

Sodalite:- is an excellent stone for communication and is often referred to as the truth and integrity stone. Therein if there is a weakness within one’s throat chakra sodalite can be used to help one communicate ones thoughts both truthfully and in a calm and relaxed manner. Perhaps that’s in part due to the fact that sodalite helps build self esteem and why many nervous public speakers find great solace from carry sodalite about their person who knows? All I know is that a sodalite tumble stone is one of the most beautiful and energetically welcoming healing stones that one is ever likely to encounter.

Herkimer diamonds:- not only magnify the healing properties of any crystal in their vicinity but they also aid in detoxifying the body and therein strengthen the body’s own natural mechanisms.

How I use My Own Inner Wisdom Wraps and Grids

I find a quiet place where I can hold my wrap or grid whilst connecting with my higher self and therein allow my crystals to do their work. Such that when I work with my Kunzite, Sodalite and Herkimer diamond wraps or grids I allow myself to be simply enveloped in a shimmering crystal blue haze. Where I sense the steady pulse of pure blue blood circulating around my entire being, warming me, nurturing me and filling me anew with a zest for life and a voice that just wants to express itself sweetly. All part of a process where I also sense my mind and my inner core being gently washed and cleansed or historical debris and trauma. In summation; I find this combination to be an extremely; powerful, liberating and cathartic exercise to undertake and an experience which I’d have no hesitation in recommending.

Caveat:- For me there is no mistaking that this is a very powerful combination. Indeed so powerful that I feel it important to share with you my own experience when first using this combination. Intense palpitations, pain in the heart region and for the best part of 6 hours it felt as if my crown had been split wide open such was the intensity of pain. Net result; a traumatic and deep healing herx which at the time, wasn’t something I’d actually expected.

Therein; I’m of the opinion that if you have any sort of weakness in your constitution. It would be perhaps wise not to come into direct contact with this combination. That doesn’t mean to say don’t try it if you feel you’d like to. But perhaps consider keeping the combination some distance away from your person e.g. perhaps in another room or even your healing supervisors rooms, offices or home.

Just so you know I will be writing more articles about my favourite combinations over the coming weeks and months. However in the interim period there are lots and lots of healing combinations and my preferred healing crystal supplier is Ahimsa Crystals. A truly ethical company, with great energy who provide a range of exceptional goods including the above so please feel free to explore their eBay website by clicking [ here ]

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