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When our inner voice speaks, all is seen, all is known and healing through personal growth freely flows, reality, placebo or desire for mystery who knows?

All I know is that Tigers Eye, Sunstone and Herkimer Diamond inner wisdom healing wraps certainly appear to work very well, albeit my position is based wholly upon my own empirical observations and of course feedback from clients.

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But what are they used for you may ask? Well; Tigers Eye, Sunstone and Herkimer Diamond inner wisdom wraps and grids aid with; reclaiming one’s sense of direction and power whilst generating money through leadership. But here in more detail are just some of their unique properties.

Tigers Eye, Sunstone and Herkimer Diamond Properties

Tigers Eye:- is a great stone of protection and also exceptionally prolific in supporting good luck on the money front. Tigers Eye too is a great stone for clearing away; fears, phobias and irrational thought process that are clogging up our sacral chakra. Its also a great stone for generating clarity in travel, irrespective of whether that is physical or metaphysical travel and movement. But do you what; I just love Tigers Eye more than anything else. Such that whilst Tigers Eye is a simply majestic grounding stone too. My goodness; I’ve never come across anyone who can resists it’s all consuming sheer beauty and that’s why Tigers Eye wins every time for me and hands down too.

Sunstone:- is powerful stone for vanquishing fears and phobias of all kinds from our lives and I wouldn’t argue with that. It was suggested to me many years ago by a goodly sage when I was a young Leo to aid in bringing about leadership with wisdom to anyone who wears it. However what I really love about working with Sunstone is that in stressful situations it’s never failed to bring me good luck and I suspect that’s because it some how turns negative energies and psychic attacks into positive energies. Lore also suggests that sunstone increases ones will power and I’ve always suspected that’s because Sunstone is associated with the sacral chakra, clearing out old, self limiting and irrational fears.

Herkimer diamonds:- not only magnify the healing properties of any crystal in their vicinity but they also aid in detoxifying the body and therein strengthen the body’s own natural mechanisms.

How I use My Own Inner Wisdom Wraps and Grids

I find a quiet place where I can hold my wrap or grid whilst connecting with my higher self and therein allow my crystals to do their work. Such that when I work with my Tigers Eye, Sunstone and Herkimer diamond wraps or grids I allow myself to be filled to overflowing with peace. A peace so crisp, so clear, so energised and above all things so very in tune with the one. Yes so in tune with the oneness of the one that I can drive my grounding roots deep, deep down into the furthest corners of the earth core. Whilst simultaneously reaching out and up and connecting with the heavens far above me.

For me there is no mistaking that this is a very powerful combination, indeed so powerful that I’m inclined to make a very bold statement. Forget all about; what books you’d take with you if you were going to be marooned on a desert island. Take this crystal combination with you and yes forget about the books. Because when meditating with this crystal combination, take it from me, the journey and sense of “being” simply gets more and more profound each time you explore their power.

Just so you know I will be writing more articles about my favourite combinations over the coming weeks and months. However in the interim period there are lots and lots of healing combinations and my preferred healing crystal supplier is Ahimsa Crystals. A truly ethical company, with great energy who provide a range of exceptional goods including the above so please feel free to explore their eBay website by clicking [ here ]

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