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Better Are We Because of Those Who Shape Our Lives

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Our very best mentors are those who can read our energy, for in doing so, they guide us gently into introspective receptivity and hence; through our own transitions with clarity.

I drank tea with an old mentor and friend of mine recently, where we shared personal insights into the various phases of our own unique mortal journeys. Not a morose conversation and neither was it an escapist conversation either.

It was simply two guys from different timelines, yet two kindred souls, sharing some time together once again, just like we’ve done so many times over the years. Albeit with age and poor health very much on both our agendas, our meeting took on a completely different significance this time.

Nevertheless it was interesting to me that we’d both experienced so much personal pain in our lives and yet that somehow we’d both worked through such difficulties and come out the other side. Certainly not the men that we’d been at the outset of our journey, albeit that we’d both remained unpolluted by our experiences. Mutuality in understanding so eloquently satirised by both parties and with great gusto at times, during all our oscillating listening and talking exchanges.

At one point during those discussions however, I was asked by my mentor if I was content with what I’d achieved during my mortality. Whereupon I then enquired if he was happy with his achievements and as to why he’d asked me such a question. He gently replied; “he was happy now with what he’d achieved although there had been many times when he wasn’t”.

Stating that the reason he’d asked the question was that from where he was sitting; “it felt to him as if I’d now given up on so many things and that my “tiger the tiger” spark was missing from my general demeanour”. So I pondered his question for a few brief moments as I made us both another cup of tea, wondering just what it was that I was expressing to instigate this line of enquiry.

Albeit deep down I too knew that “tiger the tiger” was either no longer in me or simply having a rest. Whilst and more poignantly trying my level best to hide my great sadnessfor the failing health of this once colossus of a mortal before me.

Such that when I’d thought about his question for a little while I concluded and retorted that; “yes I was happy with what I’d achieved, because frankly I’d achieved far more and yet far less than I ever felt possible”. Whilst stating from a place of sanguine acceptance that; “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time chasing utter nonsense”.

To which he replied; “Why the sadness then; wasted years or unfulfilled dreams?” blimey marra I replied “if there is any sadness within me, I would hope its presenting as resigned acceptance. In that; “I’ve simply realised and accepted that most of what I thought would unfold in my life through sheer hard work and tenacity, never materialised”. Therein, “clearly they were never ever meant to be for me and so in answer to your question it could be anyone of those and all three”.

He then smiled and said, “acceptance hey”? “Yes acceptance” I replied, to which he replied; “it sounds to me like you’ve given up larl son”. “No was my reply; I haven’t given up on anything, I’ve just stopped chasing illusions and delusions and accepted that what will be will be and that which is for me will not pass me by”.

“Good for you” he chortled with great hilarity, followed by “so what now for the man who’s achieved so much and stopped chasing illusions and delusions”? “Who knows, who knows” was my reply to which he simply smiled and said; “indeed, but my guess is that you’re simply taking a breather marra and I should know I’ve taken a few breathers in my life I can tell you”. At which point there was a short silence before our conversation returned back to much lighter subject matter and of course yet another cup of tea.

Nevertheless that courteous challenge by my well meaning mentor certainly placed a seed of inquiry deep inside me. Which upon reflection later that day, I was inclined to agree with him that I was indeed consumed by a melancholy and yes a real sense of mortal sadness. Personal sadness hidden well away from public gaze and therein simply not visible save for those perhaps a little more spiritually evolved.

Yet a sadness that wasn’t and isn’t anything to do with any immediate issue unfolding around me at this time. No; a sadness more to do with the emotional process of letting go and all part of the transition that I’ve been going through for some time now.

A transition which has seen me re-evaluate my entire life completely over recent years and therein; bringing about closure on so many illusions, delusions and expectations. All of which I once held onto with great vigour and resplendent were my former belief structures too.

Therein and perhaps that’s the origin of the auric sadness that my mentor was picking up upon so clearly from me and perhaps as he stated all I’m doing is taking a breather as I work through my transition, who knows?

All I know is that; yes I’ve reached a point within my own unique mortality where my life theme has changed completely and forever. For I’m no longer interested in chasing the; pound, euro or dollar anymore, nor am I consumed by nonsensical scripts that simply always fail to deliver. And the reason for that; I don’t need any of that external nonsense in my life anymore.

Now whether I’m taking a breather or not I don’t really know, all I know is that I’ve be receiving a lot of bio energy therapy support over recent months and through that healing process it now feels like it’s my time to simply be me. Indeed time for me to be the real me, the me I was born to be. Not simply a me built upon the illusions and delusions of self limiting and sterile mortality. And that is the only place where peace can be found.

Such that; all the better am I as a soul, for all the blessing bestowed upon me throughout my entire life which helped me find the real me. Especially those truly gracious and soul inspiring mentors who immediately saw and helped to nurture my receptivity towards continuous personal growth. Indeed fellow mortals who have that unique quality to change the lives of any mortal they meet. Via their; unconditional love, thoughts, words and deeds. Amen

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