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The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys.

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During the first world war there was a phrase coined to describe a condition suffered by many of the shattered men who managed to make it back home. That phrase was “shell shock” of which my great grandad George Farrelly suffered prior to his demob and what was left of his life upon his return from the front line. A condition colloquially referred to in his mining community as; “he’d run out of bravery”.

Today we know precisely what those poor and unfortunate men were actually suffering from, for they were suffering from nothing more than adrenal insufficiency aka oxidative stress. In that the noise, the conditions and the sheer scale of suffering and senseless brutality that they’d endured. Had quite simply burnt them out and therein; they were no longer able to cope.

Well fortunately I’ve never faced such horrors and therein I’m ever so grateful for that and moreover for the sacrifices made on my behalf by others which directly spared me from the same. However that isn’t to say that I haven’t suffered during my mortality because I’d be lying if I were to say or state that here. It’s just that my suffering has been on a completely different level of suffering to that experienced by gallant men such as my great granddad; George Farrelly’s generation. Nevertheless unnecessary suffering is unnecessary suffering regardless of the presenting circumstances that lead to it’s manifestation in our lives.

Thats precisely why you don’t have to go to war to have your life completely wrecked by adrenal insufficiency or oxidative stress etc. All you need is the right set of circumstances over a protracted period of time and as sure as god made little green apples. You too will burn your adrenals out, with all it’s overtly insidious consequences.

Such that these days in mainstream medicine, oxidative stress is often colloquially referred to as; “your suffering from depression, anxiety or indeed you’re suffering from a nervous breakdown etc”. When in truth the only empiricist issue that’s really taking place is ones adrenals inability to meet the cortisol production demands placed upon them. All brought about by a raft of; biological, environmental, economical and psychological issues and not simply the result of emotional lability issues.

That’s why I advise anyone suffering from possible symptoms of oxidative stress e.g. inability to cope, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, headaches etc, etc, etc. To explore all the material out there on matters relating to adrenal function and adrenal insufficiency. Therein sparing themselves the possible insult of succumbing to an inappropriate clinical diagnosis and treatment rationale. Because let’s face it, who needs that sort of nonsense in their life?

Just so you know, there is a tremendous amount of smart literature out there created by pioneering endocrinologists which de-mystifies both the reasons for adrenal insufficiency and how it may be ameliorated effectively via appropriate treatment rationales.

Because theres one things for sure and that is in this busy world that we live in today, hoping for some time out to perhaps get on top of your stress condition simply isn’t going to happen. Whats more in my considered opinion buying into medical rhetoric which states that in consuming pharmacologically sponsored mental health care concoctions. We can somehow free ourselves forever of the insidious imposition of oxidative stress is simply noise for the sake of making noise.

Because of my own personal experiences I understand precisely what oxidative stress sufferers really need and that is smart medical and clinical support solutions that address the metabolic issues surrounding oxidative stress. Not simply packed off as basket cases with a prescription for the latest pharmacologically sponsored mental heath care drug and told to perhaps take up some counselling, exercise or yoga.

I guess that’s why I felt the need to document my struggles with stress. In particular its diagnosis and treatment in Raphael’s Legacy and Stress at Close Quarters. Simply because of the appalling way my condition was inappropriately treated for years. That being said; still the only mystery for me now in stress or in dealing effectively with stress. Is why our medical models continue to refuse to treat the root cause of stress. In preference to focusing upon treating the symptoms of stress to detriment of their patients well being in the majority of instances. Which in the 21st century I personally believe to be nothing more than an utter disgrace.

But hey; I’m happy for everyone to make their own mind up on that subject, simply because I believe in the divinity of free will. Amen

Authors Concluding Notes

I’m very conscious of a need to labour the point that when we’re ill we must always work with suitably qualified professional services providers. Of which I’m certainly not and therein simply a health issue commentator. Nevertheless we all have the choice about how we approach recovering from illness and therein what we’re prepared to believe in or indeed accept.

Such that if you’re currently struggling with oxidative stress and you’re happy to be written off with oxidative stress or indeed to have your condition blamed upon your weak psychology there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re finding it hard to cope with oxidative stress and looking for some guidance on how to overcome oxidative stress. Then please, please do read up on adrenal insufficiency, adrenal testing and treatment rationales etc. Because there’s lots of help available out there. All I’d ever say is please, please, please ensure that you only ever work with a suitably qualified professional and never accept on face value testimonials or anecdotal articles such as this blog……okay!

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