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I Am That, I Am

You know there will be some people who may read this article who will be simply unable to understand my annoyance of and utter contempt of UK plc’s medical industry. Perhaps even citing their own experiences of evidence to the contrary.

In defending my position however, I would respectfully suggest that unless you’ve been personally failed wholesale by the same over many, many years, then it’s probably very difficult to appreciate or understand just how wilfully shoddy our medical industry truly is. That being said; the thing that really gets up my nose with medical incompetents is the institutional way in which they’re (a) allowed to destroy good hard working peoples credibility and wellbeing at will whilst (b) being protected at all times by an old boys’ network. Which means that redress for any and all failures of medical due diligence is extremely difficult to secure, if not highly improbable almost all of the time.

Why is this? Well top down – bottom up our medical industry is rotten to its core. The industry is unashamedly underwritten by an elitist, egocentric cultural of incompetence which simply prohibits medics from providing any form of highly considered medical or scientific service. Instead its representatives on mass sit in their egocentric silo’s where they’re only too happy to write off those trusted into their care. Therein most wouldn’t understand root cause analysis or joined up thinking if both professional normalities jumped out and bit them on the bum. Net result; inappropriate diagnosis time after time, resulting in wilfully inappropriate treatment rationales which at best often lead to unnecessary complications and at worst result in highly preventable deaths.

Such that my greatest annoyance with that industry over and above that which I’ve personally experienced is that as a professionally qualified engineer I’ve always understood the dire consequences of failings of due diligence on my part. In that throughout my career the spectre of manslaughter charges being raised against me was always a real possibility if indeed I breached any legislation, which placed the lives and wellbeing of those reporting to me at risk. What’s more in a hypothetical breach situation the process of due diligence and hence judicial enquiry would be swift and therein all the forces of prosecution would be unleashed against me and within days, I might add. No internal fudged or lip service investigation on the cards for engineers who fail in their responsibilities. Instead it’s the full force of the health and safety executive and a raft of aggressive liability prosecutors. Net result; possibility of jail and certainly the end of my professional career, a position which many of my professional peers would validate unreservedly, upon reading the thrust of this; my engineeringly based professional assertions.

Not the case when a medic fails either us or a loved one of ours however, in fact it’s virtually impossible to seek redress for the same and whats more the power of that industry moves in to block such actions and upon mass. Therein it can take in some instances anywhere between 3 and 7 years or even longer just to breakdown the firewalls of protection underwriting medical incompetence and cover ups which only adds stress and insult upon injury to the victim. A process in which the claimant or victims’ integrity is frequently and proactively discredited in any way possible, whilst the medics’ integrity is robustly defended by those within the industry, who have most to gain in discrediting the aggrieved party.

That’s why I firmly believe that there’s a need for legislative change, a change which takes any and all claims of medical incompetence completely out of the hands of the medical industry forever, because I truly want to see a day when medics who wield so much power over all our wellbeing, can be held accountable swiftly and objectively. Failing individuals held to account without all the froth, nonsense and pompous rhetoric from disingenuous organisations such as the general medical council et al, the input of which only serves to underwrite that industries systemic hypocrisy.

You see; I want to see medics held to account by none medical professionals, in fact held to account by ordinary men and women in the street in all cases of medical incompetence or impropriety. Where medical waffle, vested interests and medical cover ups simply will not be tolerated or indeed accommodated. In essence I guess what I’m saying is that I want to see real justice and appropriate due diligence moving forward, instead of the sham that is the current order of the day.

It’s high time that incompetent medics where treated like incompetent gas fitters, incompetent builders and incompetent engineers and therein prevented from providing services especially where they have proven to have failed. Because I’m personally weary of all the self protecting nonsense that underwrites the medical industry now and its time that the rules of this game were changed forever. These people are not gods, they’re not working any harder than any other UK plc citizen, yet they are being rewarded handsomely for what is a simply woeful capability and it’s time that this shortfall and hypocrisy was addressed wholesale.

I truly want a value adding medical industry moving forward, an industry I can rely upon for without good health mortality can be one hellish experience to endure. However I’m personally not prepared to underwrite an18th century culture in the 21st century and I guess that’s why I’m committed to campaigning for change and happy to lobby continually for that change to finally happen.

As a service sector industry we owe the medical industry absolutely nothing save that we drag that industry and all its representatives kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Therein finally securing a best in class service delivery which is capable of delivering to 21st century ethics. Indeed a service delivery unhindered by outdated pompous rhetoric designed to defend indefensible systemic failures of due diligence and where fast track accountability, sits resplendent. Amen

Authors Concluding Notes

Am I advocating cultural witch hunts against all medics or indeed individual medics? Absolutely not, what I’m advocating as a former little man trapped in the medical abuse loop for over 30 years is greater ease in pursuing justice from an industry and its representatives who currently act and therein think that they are well and truly above the rule of law. They’re not and only we the people that they’re failing everyday of their careers can change that perception for them and we can change that with affirmative action, starting today. From this point forward do not let any medic write you or indeed any member of your family off using medical waffle, dogma or unqualified psychology froth. They’re not gods they’re just bods like you and me and all they’re doing is proving you with a service, so if that service isn’t good enough then take affirmative action unless that is; you’re happy to put your own and your family’s wellbeing at risk.

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