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There Are Some Journeys That Change Everything

Never in a million years could I have ever written or dreamed up the journey that I spent the best part of six decades working through. For that journey changed both my outer and inner worlds and in the most dramatic and heartbreaking of fashions. As such that journey brutality taught me time and time again that the real me wasn’t simply an executive officer, asset strategist or highly sort after business recovery specialist. No the real me was a powerful self healer with an innate passion to empower others. Which is precisely why I’ve brought my highly specialised and highly refined “real me services” to the market place. Below are some examples of my services and per session costs.

A Shamanic Call To Heal

Working With Universal Laws

Peak Performer – £30.00

Because of my former athletic prowess and in no little part my lengthy and utterly transforming battle for my life. I amassed great wisdom and insight into how one creates a state of optimal bodily system performance. As such I now offer none medical, athlete peak performance mentoring services from £30.00 per session. For more information and to discuss your needs, you can contact me by clicking [ here ]

Dog Healer – £20.00

Within the tree of life, I’m an open book yet respectful of the fact that energy medicine isn’t to everyone’s liking. Equally animals don’t retain such selectivity or considerations around energy medicine. I guess that’s why I really enjoy my healing work with domestic pets, farm animals and their owners alike. Simply because; very few animal souls will ever refrain from or fain belief in my abilities or indeed simulate a symptom improvement simply to placate my sensitivities or the sensitivities of their carers or owners. And thats precisely why shamanic energy medicine really does have a role to play in animal welfare and healing. Because animal souls simply accept and therein participate openly in the process of shamanic energy medicine and healing. That’s because they’re not programmed to think or operate like humans, as such; they’re incapable of mimicking reluctant healer traits. That said; and as I’m frequently referred to as “the dog whisperer or medicine man” because of some of the powerful work I do. It’s my considered belief that there should always be room for shamanic medicine in all of our lives because when our heart is open anything and everything becomes possible and if you’d like to read why I say that click [ here ]

All that being said; if your dog or dogs are experiencing health related problems which don’t respond to treatment and hence don’t seem to be getting better. If your vet says that there’s nothing else that can be done for your dog or indeed you’d simply like to compliment your vets work with some additional energy work. All you need to do is contact me to discuss your needs by clicking [ here ] Obviously I must state that I don’t offer cures, I simply work in ways that empowers both your pet and you the owner and a basic energy session costs £20.00.

Business Mentoring and Troubleshooting Services – £50.00

Just so you know, I also offer a business mentoring service for current and new business owners which draws upon my former executive career and the energetic work that I do now. You see; opportunities and chaos in business as with issues relating to our own personal life are simply expressions of our vibration. As such we attract that which we’re vibrationally aligned to. Be that an expression of flowing energy or blocks. That said; it is our energetic blocks that cause us the greatest consternation, for blocks result in a dwindling client base, poor payers and/or aggressive clients etc. You see; its all about our state of energetic balance at the end of the day and if we or our business are energetically out of balance we can be sure that things are going to be very difficult and challenging. However once a block has been identified and effectively transmuted, energy starts flowing again. Net result; we feel better, clients begin paying more promptly and we also start to attract better and much more rewarding business. So if you’re having business troubles or are struggling to get your new business up and running why not consider booking an insightfulness discussion with me [ here ] for a one off cost of £50.00.

Angel Tarot Readings and Esoteric Services – £25.00

Finally and whilst I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I also offer individual or party Angel Tarot sessions which cost £25.00 per person, per session. However and what I must point out here is that I don’t work like traditional psychics, I work in my own unique fashion. Whats more; you can book or enquiry about your sessions [ here ]

My Shamanic Healing World

Shamanic Wisdom

Shamanic Wisdom

The word ‘Shaman,’ is actually a Siberian word for a spiritual practice. A practice that is as old as mankind and which is still practiced by many indigenous people and enlightened practitioners worldwide. For the record; shamanism is not rooted in any organised religious tradition, it is a state of knowing aided by great inner healing. All part of a highly intensive process of training, clearing and balancing before one moves into remembering. Thereafter a state of being where visionary journeys are made in order to contact spirit guides, gaining their assistance in removing energetic blocks as part of the process of vibrationally balancing and healing the recipient. That said; I didn’t become a shaman through studying the origins of shamanism or indeed because becoming a shaman sounded like a nice thing to do. No I became a shaman because frankly that was my journey and my inner wisdom calling and without that calling I simply wouldn’t be alive today. For my shamanic world is all part of my souls eternal call to heal and to reconnect with and embrace the eternal wisdom that is our universal and timeless right. Therein; my shamanic call in this life really did pick up greater momentum at the back end of an horrendous mortal journey that tested my resolve to its very core. If you’d like to read more about my own “shamanic alchemy and letting go of my dark night of the soul blocks” you can do so by simply clicking [ here ]

In Giving, Oneness & Destiny, “I Am That, I Am”

I am whole, I am light, I am peace, I am love, I am loved, I am health, I am healthy, I am wealth, I am wealthy, I am abundant, I am abundance, I am joy, I am joyous, I am happy, I am happiness, I am oneness, I am an author, I am a teacher, I am a healer, I am a shaman, I am a sage, I am a medicine man, “I am that, I am”. Namaste

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