The Timelessness of Time

All Things Change and We Change With Them

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I was called yesterday to visit a place that I have not visited for over 22 years. A green place, a serene place where I once spent many hours at the height of my youthful physical prowess.

That place; the beautiful Ennerdale Valley in the Lake District beside the old pump house with views reaching far up into my old training ground of crag and grike fell et al.

However it didn’t feel as if I was greeting an old friend yesterday and neither did it feel like I was saying goodby either.

My experience was simply surreal in that; yes all things change and we change with them. Yet in the eye of that moment it was as if I was captivated by a sublime sense of simply being at one.

Of course I was no longer that young man who had once blazed his way up those Lakeland fells and yet, and yet, and yet in that briefest of moments it was as if I’d never been away.

Indeed it felt so very real in that moment that the pain and suffering, learning and healing that had consumed me for over two decades. Simply felt irrelevant and therein the timelessness of “time” took on a whole new meaning.

So much so that I was consumed by a drive to tap into this beautiful awakening by further extending my Auralite griding work in gods country. You can read more about my griding work with Auralite if you’d like to by clicking [ here ]

Shamanic Healing and Reconnection

Yesterday I was struck by the mortal absurdity of time, a preoccupation which in truth I believe serves only to stifle our personal growth. For time is meaningless and simply a mortal fixation, which offers us nothing at all and certainly at the point we understand our own intrinsic timelessness.

Therein that timelessness dynamic of reasons, seasons and people coming and going, forever unfolding. Serves only to implore all wise men to understand that all we ever have is to simply to live in the now. For freedom from time is the greatest gift that we can reclaim as a soul based mortal, for it is the gift of peace through unconditional; self and universal love.

That gift of peace which is ours for the taking is the only gift that can free us from the mindless mind chatter of our absurd time line preoccupations. What’s more I only truly began to understand the poignancy of how easily I could reclaim that gift, at the point I embarked upon my own Bio energy and Shamanic healing journey.

Now did I read far to much into my calling and experience yesterday whilst exploring the validity of time? Well that really depends upon how one views the timelessness of time. If like me you too can connect with and yet detach from the senselessness of your mortal preoccupation with time, then you too might experience that sense of awakening clarity which I certainly experienced yesterday.

I hope so, I really do hope so, for moving into the now and far away from my timelessness preoccupations, certainly allowed me to soar like an eagle yesterday, whilst in the process lifting both my heart and my soul. Amen

Authors Concluding Notes

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